Bandung Handmade Jewelry Shop – Bandung Handmade Jewelry Shop – If you are looking for information about Bandung Jewelry shop hopefully after reading this article add to the knowledge of craft shops in Bandung in West Java. Actually if you want to write one at a list of craft shops Bandung this article may not be without end, because the number and variety of crafts mixed production.

Art is not only expressed through music, literary fashion, or whatever, but the craft or arts & crafts also became one of the most important works of art.

Bandung Jewelry

Craft became one of art that can indicate the identity of a region in Indonesia. It can be found in the Cre-Asion Craft Mart, Jl. Setia budi 142. Art-house, called. No one feels as if seeing the unique craft of share-crafts area and even overseas arranged beautifully.

Bandung Handmade Jewelry Shop

“Craft Mart can be said to Art House,” Said Craft Mart employees, Muslims Nugraha.

Previously, Craft was in Setia budhi Mart Supermarkets, four months ago, then had his own place. Various handicrafts typical of Bandung, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bali, Lombok, Tarlac, and even India would be quite tempting to take as souvenirs.

When I first came, covering the eyes look to the corner of the room framed kerajina unique crafts. Bandung by the ceramic started from small pins, frames, glasses, vases, statues, until the chair. Includes the famous ceramics made famous ceramic makers, F. Widayanto. Bali with aroma therapy and spa products and natural necklace, Jogja batik, chili with coconut shell crafts, shell chilli and fabric. ceramic tile from Plered could become a very unique interior decoration.

India typical trappings such as wall hangings, tablecloths, chair cushions are rich in color and sequined. Handmade glass painting, with colors that will get beautiful when exposed to sunlight. Assorted necklaces from the land of Bollywood even this can be selected to enhance your appearance. Craft, durable hawker who will always be pleasing to the lasik mata eye. View, select the one you like and take home.

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