Grammy Awards 2011: Lady GaGa in a EGG – Eccentric singer Lady Gaga again cause of action and surprises with his performance at the Grammy Awards 2011 this time. The event’s most prestigious music to-53 that was held at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles at 20:00 local time, will also be enlivened by some of the world’s top celebrities.

Lady GaGa in a EGG

When visited Grammy performances, Lady Gaga does not appear in its original form, but it comes with a shell wrapped in a giant egg which was draped by about 4 guards.

Previously, fashion director Buzzworthy has announced this in Twitter account.

“I’m Nicola, part of the Haus of Gaga. Gaga is being incubated. Tonight he will perform in collaboration with Hussein Chalayan and the House of Mugler,” he said in a twitter.

Unlike the year Grammy in the previous year. Lady Gaga costume comes with wearing a space that is no less spectacular. Lady Gaga known Nudity appear in any action, in the Grammy Awards this time will be singing the new single ‘Born This Way’, which will he boxed in the appearance of action in the egg stage.

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