Photo Great Wall Under the Sea – Part of the wall under the sea is below the surface of the reservoir Panjiakou about three hours drive northeast of Beijing. A team of professional divers have been exploring the murky reservoir so as to get some pictures of this giant wall of awesomeness, with a trace of 13 meters under water until the wall at a depth of about 35 meters. That’s where there is Photo Great Wall Under the Sea.

Photo Great Wall Under the Sea

Photo Great Wall Under the Sea

Photo Great Wall Under the Sea

Photo Great Wall Under the Sea

Although according to legend, this wall has become a man-made object, but about 100 feet of water had been lost due to construction of dams that cause flooding in the valley in the vicinity such as underwater photos. Mr. Meur, the expedition photographer said it was a challenge. Only by using 500 kg of equipment under water down hundreds of steps.

“This artificial lake looks empty, visible only a few species of freshwater fish and some shrimp,” he said.

“Valuable thing remaining here all simply in the form of ruins. Great Wall is still visible in very unusual conditions, although it has been inundated hundreds of years. “

” Basic kedalaman was about 13 meters and we have placed a security tower, which can be opened on all sides, to create a tunnel under the water. “

” Weighing travel history was implicit in our minds, during the dive. Army of that era, truly remarkable, with trace the walls, forming a security post, to keep China from the movement of intruders. “

“We did two dives on the wall. We really want to do more, but technical problems disrupted. “

” It has been a challenging dive. Water temperature is steadily decreasing-from 25 degrees Celsius at the beginning of the surface to six degrees Celsius at a certain depth until it reached the bottom of reservoirs approximately 35meter. “

” Reservoir was very murky so visibility was limited to between 1-5 meters. “

Some parts of the wall , was recorded in the mid 16th century, though its construction was first commissioned in 214 BC. Archaeological Survey of advanced technology through the most comprehensive, concluded that the Wall of China, with all its branches stretching up to 8851.8 km (5.5003 miles). Consisting of the main wall 6259.6 km, 359.7 km above the trench, and 2232.5 km as a defense in the hills and rivers.

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